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Hello, Russell here :-) It's about time I introduce this site and myself!

My name is Russell Holloway and I live near Atlanta, GA. You may be thinking, "Russell Holloway? That doesn't sound like a Korean name to me." You're right, it isn't. And I am not Korean. But Korean has been my life ever since I met the love of my life. Anna happens to be half-Korean.

And that is when it began...

When I first met Anna, I was excited to know that she was half Korean. Her mother was born there and lived in Korea half her life before moving to the United States. I thought it would be clever of me and give me a little boost getting on her mother's good side if I learned a few phrases in Korean. I never would have thought it would continue for the rest of my life, but it did.

As I started learning Korean, I couldn't quit. I loved every minute of it! I would order books, programs, and look for classes so I could continue to learn Korean.

All of my Korean education has been self-taught through those various resources or spending time in Korea, so it can be done if you set your mind to it.

On this website, I've put together an assortment of information I think is useful for most people starting out with the language. I introduce the alphabet (quite easy!) and go over verbs early on since they play a major role in Korean. I then discuss some other topics that seem useful for those starting out and basic communication.

A few years after I started this site, I felt it was necessary to create higher quality content to make the experience easier, faster, and better. I started Learn Korean Now, which is a higher quality website for learning Korean. It requires a small monthly subscription to keep the site rolling and cover the costs of content, but with that you receive audio for nearly every Korean word on the site (something not found anywhere else), more in-depth discussions on grammar, vocabulary flashcards, quizzes, and more topics. We also try to keep the subscription cheaper than all other subscription based courses, so it's quite affordable - we just aim to cover the costs of content. I recommend you check it out - we also have a free trial that gives you full access to the site. You can sign up at the Learn Korean Now Trial Page.

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