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*08/06/2005* Last night I think there were more technical problems with the chatroom than expected. I show many people opened the chatroom page (with the actual chatroom on it) but saw nobody show up in the chatroom (as I was in it all night). I don't know what's going on, but maybe thats the price for using a cheap free JAVA chat. I know what I am going to do to get the forum and chatroom set up and working properly . The only problem is it will cost me around $75.00 to set up to run for a year. The good thing is it will provide a nice forum, chatroom, and many other ways for everyone to interact with each other. I will try to get it fixed and set up as soon as possible.

If you would like to donate to help out, click here.

Welcome to Learn Korean Language Chat. This will provide you with a way to have live communication with other people who also wish to learn Korean. You can practice Korean, ask grammar and vocabulary questions, and anything else you would like to do, as long as it is Korean related .

That is pretty much my only guideline. Please stay on topic. This chatroom is here to provide users a way to practice their Korean and become better. Off topic conversations just get in the way and can be done in other chatrooms. As long as it is related to Korea somehow, it is ok with me!

And please respect each other.

Below there is a link to a chatroom schedule. This will contain dates and times in which people can come meet in the chatroom (otherwise, it will be pretty empty.) Hopefully this will help get the new chatroom started.

Chatroom Schedule

Enter the chatroom

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