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Incheon Hotels

Incheon hotels are very popular these days. Incheon is located on the west coast of South Korea, near Seoul.

Because it is so close to Seoul, people can travel quickly and easily via the subway system to Seoul and back. This allows them to experience all the benefits of Seoul, but not stay directly in the middle of it!

Incheon is a major city on it's own. Staying in one of the Incheon hotels will also let you reap the benefits of Incheon. Incheon is a metropolitan area with plenty of its own shopping.

You can visit the Boo-pyung area, which is the main shopping district. From there, feel free to hop on the subway at station nearby, and take a day trip to Seoul! There are ferries connecting Incheon to a few of China's larger cities on the coast as well.

The Incheon International Airport, a large airport for anyone travelling to South Korea, is located within the city limits.

Incheon hotels are excellent and allow visitors to enjoy all the benefits of surrounding areas. Transportation is easily accessible in Incheon as well. Any hotel in Incheon will be easy to get to.

Hyatt Regency Incheon - Very nice hotel situated in Incheon. It is very modern and high-tech, although some extras are a little expensive, such as internet use. Very beautiful, and only 1/2 a mile away from the airport!

Hotel Incheon Airport- quite a nice hotel for the price! If you like modern technology, then try this hotel out. The room is more modern than you could imagine, and all rooms come with a computer with internet access. The facilities are extremely nice here as well. Again, if you like technology, check out this hotel!

Best Western Incheon Airport - excellent hotel for an excellent price! The price is really good here at this hotel, and it is a very nice, clean hotel. Everyone is friendly, and it is situated very close to the airport, a definite plus.

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