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Jeju Hotels

Do you like resorts? Then swing by Jeju! Jeju hotels are plentiful and it is a perfect getaway place!

Jeju is a small island of Korea located just below South Korea. Jeju is the capital city of Jeju Province in South Korea and Jeju city is the largest city on the island.

The weather is usually warm, even in winter. There are many famous resorts and casinos.

Jeju airport is located in Jeju city, and staying in Jeju hotels will ensure easy transportation to anywhere on or off the island.

While there, you can visit tourist spots such as Dragon's Head Rock and Hallasan National Park.

Shilla Cheju - This hotel is highly recommended. The staff is extremely courteous and the rooms are luxurious! It is definitely a fine 4 star hotel, and definitely worth the stay. :-)
Hyatt Regency Cheju - This hotel is one of the best hotels you could stay in. The rooms are incredibly nice and spacious. The hotel restaurant is delicious, and the view of the sea is fantastic. If you like nice hotels, this is the hotel to stay at!
Lotte Hotel Jeju - Are you looking for something similar to a resort? Then this is it! This hotel is absolutely gorgeous. It is nicer, cleaner, and more beautiful than most resorts in America. If you can afford something that costs a little more, your money couldn't be better spent.

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