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Korean Software

Below are reviews of all the Korean software I have used. I will add more as I run across them. There should be a few more up soon that I have used, but I need to go back and try them out again since it has been a while.

If you click the title/heading of each review, you should be taken to the website that has it for the cheapest price if you are interested.

Rosetta Stone Language Software

The Rosetta Stone software is an amazing learning tool for any of the foreign languages. It is my most recommended piece of software simply because it will help out anyone with Korean. The software is definitely intense and contains roughly 250+ hours of material. It will take your Korean to the next level.

Please click here for an in-depth review of Rosetta Stone Korean Level 1.

Declan Software

Learn Korean Language now provides an in-depth review for each Declan product here.

Declan Software has produced four Korean products that are highly recommended (hence I am adding them to this page!) and also very affordable. They are: Korean Hakgyo, Korean Flashcards, Korean Dictionary,and ReadWrite Korean.

Korean Hakgyo is a Korean course that contains 15 lessons. The program is pretty good and contains some good grammar and vocabulary instruction. It is not as in-depth as some other courses, but it is very clear with what it says and easy to understand. There are examples provided as well, including audio for each sample sentence. There are also some pretty good exercises within each lesson. It is a good and affordable basic Korean course.

Korean Flashcards is probably my favorite of the Declan Software. It is one of the best flashcard programs I have seen and is also cheap. It is basically a flashcard program made to help you learn vocabulary. It comes with sets of flashcards, and there are more to download for free from the website if you have the program. Also, you can make your own flashcards and flashcard sets if you want to. All the flashcards have sound for each flashcard so you know how to say the word. Also, there are exercises with each set of flashcards that you go through. These flashcards really helped me learn vocabulary quickly and efficiently.

Korean Dictionary is a nice Korean-English dictionary for your computer. It runs very fast and has a pretty good amount of words in it. Also, it provides examples for the words when you look up a word, and provides related words as well. It is really easy to use and works a lot better than the free online dictionaries.

ReadWrite Korean is the final program. It does a very good job at teaching someone to read and write in the Korean alphabet, Hangul. Also, you learn how to type in the alphabet as well. This teaches you the proper stroke order instead of just the basic shape of the character as well. There are audio files for this program as well, along with exercises.

Each one of these programs is very good and very affordable in my opinion. Declan Software also gives you a good discount if you purchase all four together (30% discount - pretty much buy 3 and get the last one free.) This is a very good deal for everything you get. I still use the programs every day (with the exception of ReadWrite Korean). I just really highly recommend these programs because they are really good and the price is unbeatable.

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