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Lesson Three

Memorize these common verb patterns

Normal ㅗ or ㅏ Takes 아요/아 좋다,받다, 닫다
Normal not ㅗ or ㅏ Takes 어요/어 먹다, 입다, 신다
Ends in ㅣ Combine to ~ㅕ요/~ㅕ 마셔요, 어쳐요, 가르쳐요
Ends in ㅗ Combine to 와요/와 와요, 갔다와요
Ends in ㅡ Drop ㅡ add appropriate ending 바쁘다 - 바빠요, 예쁘다 - 예뻐요
Ends in 르 Double the ㄹ, drop ㅡ add appropriate ending 부르다 - 불러요, 자르다 - 잘라요
Ends in ㅏ or ㅓ Simply add 요 or leave as is (casual) 가다 - 가요 , 자다 - 자요
Ends in ㅜ Combine to 워요/워 어려워요, 배워요, 피워요

Memorize These first 10 common verbs and forms. To form casual style, simply drop the 요 from the polite style.

하다 해요 To Do
있다 있어요 To Have
없다(~업다) 없어요(~업서요) To Not Have
가다 가요 To Go
먹다 먹어요 To Eat
마시다 마셔요 To Drink
일어나다 일어나요 To Get Up
자다 자요 To Sleep
보다 봐요 To See
좋다 좋아요 To Be Good

Lesson Four

Memorize The 이다 Verb in the present tense for both polite and casual styles.

Verb Meaning Style After Vowel After Consonant
이다 Copula, To Be Polite 예요 이에요
이다 Copula, To Be Casual 이야

Memorize the verb 있다 and its two meanings.

Verb Meaning 1 Meaning 2 Polite Casual
있다 Possession Location 있어요 있어

Memorize these 10 common words. If it has a (p) next to it, it means polite. A (c) means casual.

English Korean
Hangul 한글
Pencil 연필
Friend 친구
Yes 네 (p), 응 (c)
No 아니오 (p), 아니 (c)
Hello 안녕하세요 (p), 안녕 (c)

Lesson Five

Below are the basics of the particles and a few vocabulary words that are commonly used with those particles.

Keep in mind that words listed under subject particle will very well be used along with the topic particle, and vice versa.

Particle Use
이 / 가 Subject
Korean English
선생님 Teacher
I (polite)
엄마 Mom
아빠 Dad

Below, words falling under a verb will be commonly used with that verb.

Particle Use
를 / 을 Object
먹다 To Eat
김치 Kimchi
고기 Meat
마시다 To Drink
우유 Milk
콜라 Cola
소주 Korean Liquor
맥주 Beer
Particle Use
는/은 Topic
Location, To
에서 Location, At

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