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Declan Software

Declan Software provides some of the best software to use on your computer or pocket PC, and offers it at a very affordable price!

I have personally experienced all of the Korean software they offer, and am absolutely amazed at what you get for the price. Now, if I promote something on this website, it is worth promoting, and I have experienced it and have been extremely satisfied with it.

Declan Software is just that.

What kind of Korean software do they have to offer? Well, there are five programs. ReadWrite Korean, Korean Hakgyo, Korean Dictionary, Korean Flashcards, and Wordfile Creator Pro.

All of these programs are high quality and extremely useful. They are also very fun to use, stylish, and affordable!

They are also very complementary to each other, and when used in conjunction can be very useful in improving your Korean.

Below, there is a personal review listing all of the pros and cons of each product.

Let's get started :-)

Which Review Would You Like To Read?

Declan's Korean Flashcards I promote this product more than any other Declan Software product. Why? Because it is simply...(click for more info)

Declan's Korean Dictionary Learning a language requires a good dictionary. It's a simple fact. What do you do when...(click for more info)

Declan's ReadWrite Korean Have you been learning Hangul online and just can't seem to get that perfect grasp on it? Declan's ReadWrite Korean will fix that right up! (click for more info)

Declan's Korean Hakgyo Declan's Korean Hakgyo is a top notch program to teach the essentials of Korean...(click for more info)

WordFile Creator Pro

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