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Declan's Korean Dictionary Review

Declan's Korean Dictionary

Declan's Korean Dictionary is almost required for someone learning Korean.

Learning a language requires a good dictionary. It's a simple fact. What do you do when you need to know a word? Look it up. Where? Online, yes, that's an option. But there is a better option.

Declan's Korean Dictionary contains over 23,000 words, quite a collection. There are a few things that set it aside from other dictionaries.

  • It is a software dictionary. This means it is incredibly fast and easy to find a word...
  • It is both a Korean-English and English-Korean Dictionary, meaning you can type in either the Korean word or the English word and get the word in the other language...
  • It includes Hanja (1800 chinese words you learn in advanced Korean)...
  • Each search provides you with a list of related and similar words...
  • Various searches are offered, such as verb search, example search, and hanja search...
  • It is very user friendly, and always ready to go regardless of your internet status...
  • You can export lists of words and definitions to use as you like...
  • Words and examples can be copied to the Windows clipboard...

Let's take a look...

Declan's Korean Dictionary

The right side is the search box. You set the search fields and enter your search. The list of words that come up including and related to that word appear below. In the box on the upper left, it gives more details regarding the search.

As I said, these are honest reviews and I won't hold anything back. The one thing that could improve this dictionary would be audio. There is no audio for the dictionary. Fortunately, this means more time went into the quality of the dictionary and the quantity of how many words are included.

If audio does interest you, Declan's Korean Flashcards may be the perfect complement.

Once again, great dictionary. An incredible bargain. Worth it? Every penny. I still use it practically daily, and I have been studying Korean for quite a while now!

Interested? Learn Korean Language now offers the program to you!

Visit Our Store!

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