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Declan's Korean Flashcards Review

Declan's Korean Flashcards

I promote Declan's Korean Flashcards more than any other Declan Software product. Why? Because it is simply wonderful.

Are you learning vocabulary? Well, if you're interested in learning Korean, vocabulary is one of the biggest and longest processes. You will always be learning new vocabulary.

Declan's Korean Flashcards provides a perfect way for you to learn vocabulary.

"How Does It Work?"

In the program, you have different vocabulary sets - you can download from the massive collection Declan offers (free) or create your own.

Each vocabulary set can consist of as many cards as you like. You can run through the flashcards in the program, and then there are a lot of exercises you can do with that set of words.

The exercise choices are

  • Multiple choice - both seeing the Korean word and picking the meaning, and seeing the English word and picking the Korean word
  • Multiple Choice Listening - listen to the word and pick it from the list
  • Matching
  • and Spelling/Typing.

Listening you say?!? That is right. Every vocabulary set Declan Software offers for download has audio included.

And we're not talking two or three flashcard sets...

All of the audio is recorded by a native speaker, which allows you to hear the word as it is really spoken. You can actually communicate outside of the 'classroom' when you learn vocabulary this way.

Is there a large selection? YES! As of now, there are over 3600 vocabulary words and phrases available for Declan's Korean Flashcards that have audio pre-recorded. You don't have to worry about pronunciation any longer, and all the major words are covered.

If you learned 3600 vocabulary words, you would be pretty well off in Korean! Practically every word you would need to know in order to communicate is available with audio. With the software, you will be able to communicate in Korean much sooner than you ever expected.


"What Should I Know Before I Buy It?"

I am very inclined to say this product is perfect. We all know nothing is perfect, so I will resist. So, let me think of a con...hmm..

Ok. When it lists the title of the vocabulary set, the program should allow more characters to be shown for the title of that vocabulary set. Some vocabulary sets you download have a title too long to fit completely.

Ex: Korean Hakgyo (Lesson One) might appear as 'Korean Hakgyo (Lesson On...'

Honestly, I think that is the best (or worst if you want to call it that?) con I can think of for Declan's Korean Flashcards. It's the only one I can think of.

"I'm Not Good With Computers"

And you do not have to be!

The program is very user friendly, very well organized, has a stylish look to it. This saves you from frustration and allows you start learning right away. There is no need to read a help manual first.

It also has outstanding performance. I mean, it even measures how well you know words and keeps quizzing and testing you on the words you are less familiar with in the vocabulary stack and replaces the ones you understand perfectly (It does so using a 'Learning List'). This ensures that you will really learn a word when you learn it! You certainly won't forget it.

It allows you to keep moving forward...to keep learning new vocabulary. It just puts you that much closer towards your language goal!

What more could you ask for?

If you are learning Korean, and truly want to learn Korean, it will be so much more difficult if you don't have this affordable program.

What does the program look like? Let me show you.

Declan's Korean Flashcards Main Screen

and the actual flashcards page looks like...

Declan's Korean Flashcards Flashcard Image

Is it worth it? YES! "How do you know?" you ask?

Because, I still use it to this day, and I have had the program for a long, long time. On top of that, it's definitely a bargain. What's included?

  • Access to over 3600 words, pre-arranged in vocabulary sets, containing full audio for each word or phrase, with more being made and recorded. What's this mean? You learn vocabulary properly and easily.
  • Unlimited lifetime upgrades on the software for free. Your money is better spent elsewhere. Why spend it on upgrading software you already own?
  • Free and unlimited email support. Don't struggle to figure something out, simply email and go grab a cup of coffee!
  • 12 hours or less order processing - you can use the program within 12 hours of purchase, no long waits for it to arrive in the mail! - this also saves you money allowing you to buy other important things.
  • Lifetime enjoyment of speaking Korean fluently with all your friends and clients.

Interested? Learn Korean Language now offers Declan's Korean Flashcards to you!

Click Here To Order Now

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