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Declan's Korean Hakgyo Review

Declan's Korean Hakgyo

Declan's Korean Hakgyo is a top notch program to teach the essentials of Korean.

"What is it again?"

Declan's Korean Hakgyo is a top notch program to teach the essentials of Korean.

In other words, if you are starting to learn Korean and understand how to read Hangul, this program was made for you.

Korean Hakgyo consists of fifteen lessons. Each lesson has an overview, vocabulary list, a grammar section, and exercises.

The overview page is just that. Is provides an overview of the lesson and what is included in the lesson.

The vocabulary list provides a list of related words that relate to the lesson and will be used throughout the lesson in the grammar section. The vocabulary taught will be basic vocabulary, teaching you vocabulary from the beginning, and building upon that.

The vocabulary list includes audio for each word. It also has the option of delaying the English meaning so that it gives you a few seconds to remember the translation yourself.

The grammar section is what I consider the 'core' of this program. It will teach you all basic Korean grammar, enough to get you well into your Korean studies.

In the grammar section, you will run into descriptions of grammar, and example sentences - with audio - that use that grammar.

The grammar lessons are very easy to understand. It was written for the rest of us! Those of us who have trouble with grammar and find it confusing at times. Anyone and everyone will be able to understand these grammar lessons, and that is what the program is all about.

After you study the vocabulary list and the grammar involved in the lesson, there are multiple exercises offered.

  • Fill in the blank...
  • Listening...
  • Shuffle Sentences...
  • Multiple Choice...
  • Constructing Sentences...
  • and Conversation Practice.

Enough practice to help anyone remember the grammar and vocabulary.

So, we all understand nothing is perfect...although some things come close....

Declan's Korean Hakgyo does a good job teaching you the essentials of Korean. However, it will not teach you all the vocabulary you need to know. It only covers basic vocabulary (about 700 of the most commonly used words). You will need to learn more vocabulary if you wish to be fluent in Korean.

Declan's Korean Flashcards offer 3600 words with audio to fulfill this need for vocabulary.

One other thing about Korean Hakgyo is you cannot use it forever daily, and you cannot use it as your very first Korean studies.

Let me explain...

It does require you to have basic proficiency in reading Hangul - if you need to learn, check out Declan's ReadWrite Korean.

It covers essential grammar, but many of you may wish to dig deeper into the language. You can refer back to Korean Hakgyo whenever you need to, but it will not cover advanced grammar.

But the grammar it covers is done well, and the small amount spent on the program will help you build a strong foundation for all of your future Korean studies...

What's included:

  • Excellent Declan's Korean Hakgyo Software...
  • Free, unlimited email support...
  • Free, unlimited lifetime upgrades...
  • A strong foundation for all of your future Korean studies!

Here, take a glance...

Declan's Korean Hakgyo

Interested? Learn Korean Language now offers Declan's Korean Hakgyo to you!

Visit Our Store!

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