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Declan's ReadWrite Korean Review

Declan's ReadWrite Korean

Have you been learning Hangul online and just can't seem to get that perfect grasp on it? Declan's ReadWrite Korean will fix that right up!

You may ask, "Are you sure?" or "Not for me! I will never learn to write in Korean!"

Yes, I'm sure, and yes you can learn to write in Korean.

Declan's ReadWrite Korean takes you step by step through the Hangul alphabet, with the use of audio, quizzes, examples, stroke order, and more.

All of the letters are divided into lessons, with a total of twelve lessons. This structure allows you to learn the letters in a timely manner, building upon what you know with each lesson. Each lesson contains about four letters.

The first thing you will learn for a letter is the stroke order. Many people learning Korean never learn the proper stroke order for writing Korean characters. If you want the full experience of learning to both read and write in Korean, stroke order is required. It is part of the art of writing in Korean. Not only that, but it helps improve your writing speed and makes writing the letters nicely easier.

After you learn the stroke order, you learn the sound of that letter. It gives you examples of words using that letter. After you study the letters, there are practice options available!

You can do listening practice, reading practice, writing practice, and multiple choice practice.

Let's take a look...

Declan's ReadWrite Korean

I like Declan's ReadWrite Korean because it is quite stylish and user friendly. It is also very thorough in teaching you Hangul properly.

After you have completed all of the lessons in Declan's ReadWrite Korean, you should be able to read any Hangul word and pronounce it correctly, without having to spend a minute per word!

Are there any cons? Well, there are to everything. Declan's ReadWrite Korean does a perfect job teaching you to both read and write in Korean. But that is all it does. Once you have used the program and learned to read and write in Korean, the program is of little use to you. This is one program by Declan Software that I cannot continue to use until this day.

But it gets the job done, at a relatively cheap price. So if you want to really learn to read and write in Korean, and find it too difficult to do so online, then this is the best way to learn it. It gets the job done, no matter what.

Interested? Learn Korean Language now offers Declan's ReadWrite Korean to you!

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