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"Finally, A Way To Learn Vocabulary Fast While Keeping Pronunciation At Best!"

Declan's Korean Flashcards is the best way to learn new vocabulary and pronounce words like a native speaker. You can finally talk with friends, enjoy Korean dramas, and earn that promotion at work

Declan's Korean Flashcards
The "Big Picture" View

Russell Holloway
Declan's Flashcards

Hello! Russell Holloway here.

Are you looking for a way to truly improve your Korean vocabulary beyond that of the average learner? Read on.

Declan's Korean Flashcards offers 3600 audio words in vocabulary sets, already organized for you. This ensures that you hear the proper pronunciation of each word you learn, helping you to speak the words correctly.

Communication will be easier and more enjoyable when you properly understand the words and pronounce them correctly.

All 3600 audio words come pre-arranged into different vocabulary flashcard sets. You don't have to spend the time organizing them yourself, and you can start learning right away. You are that much closer to meeting your Korean language goal....

Declan's Korean Flashcards has an easy and friendly user interface. The program is simple to use, so the learning curve is really small. It also saves you from getting frustrated, because you couldn't understand the program.

The easy and friendly interface will allow learning to be more enjoyable, so chances are you will use it more. This allows you to learn words faster and learn more words.

Increasing your vocabulary size quickly can help you talk with your friends in Korean and earn that raise at work.

Declan's Korean Flashcards also comes with a feature called a learning list. The learning list allows you to learn words in groups rather than memorize the whole vocabulary set at once. It will quiz you over the words in the learning list before moving on to other words in the stack.

Because you can set the size of the learning list, you will learn as many words at one time as you are comfortable with, without overloading your brain.

You will learn effectively and efficiently.

Everything You Need Included!

To make things easier on you, everything you need to learn vocabulary efficiently is included!

  • 3600 audio words organized in lists so you can start learning right away

  • Varied Quizzes over the vocabulary to ensure that you will not forget it

  • Constantly growing vocabulary sets for download and the option to make your own - you can continually learn new vocabulary from this one program

  • FREE lifetime upgrades for the software - you already purchased the software, you shouldn't have to pay for an upgrade

  • FREE email support a few clicks away - never struggle with the software yourself, let us help you

"Tell Me More About The Audio..."

All audio files are recorded using a native Korean speaker so that you can hear it as Koreans pronounce it. This helps you to understand natives when they talk, as this can be harder than when you practice on your own!

You can imitate the native Korean pronunciation, improving your own pronunciation, which of course leads you to communicating easier in Korean. This leads to more enjoyment while talking with Korean friends or clients.

On top of the vocabulary sets they have set up for you, you can create your own flashcard sets using their 3600 audio words. This option allows you to create vocabulary sets that meet your specific needs. You can learn the vocabulary you need to faster, letting you talk in Korean sooner.

If the words you need to learn are not included in the 3600 audio files they have available, you can also create your own flashcards. You can type the word in, record the audio yourself or have a Korean speaker help you with it, and study those words to meet your specific needs.

Note: In addition to the 3600 audio files available, Declan also has over 7000 files for you to access with the purchase of WordFile Creator Pro.

You can create your own syllabus-specific flashcard sets and go above and beyond!

"I'm Not Good With Computers...Can I Still Use It?"

Of course! It has a very easy and simple user interface! You will never need to pull out a help manual to try and figure something out!

The main structure of the program is simple. There is a small window for the program, so it doesn't take up your whole computer screen. At the same time, the Korean text is really big so that you will have no trouble reading the words.

Let me show you.

Declan's Korean Flashcards

Once you open a vocabulary set, it starts running through the flashcards on the following screen...

An Actual Flashcard

This combination of 'small box, big text', allows you to study vocabulary words easily even while you surf the web. You will be able to fit Korean vocabulary into your spare time and can make your computer time more efficient.

Hangul, the Korean alphabet, is used for all flashcards. While this may seem to be a disadvantage to some, it is actually a great strength of the product. Since it is all in Hangul, the program forces you to read in the native language.

You will be able to both read and write Korean faster and with correct spelling. You no longer have to limit yourself to speech for communication and you will be able to communicate in Korean in every way possible.

This gives you a more in-depth understanding of the language, putting your language skills above that of many others.

Can't quite read Hangul? There is no better way to learn the alphabet than Declan's ReadWrite Korean.

It guides you through each character in well structured lessons. You can learn to read Korean in just a few hours this way. How impressive is that?

Walk-Through For Using Declan's Korean Flashcards

You first start by picking a vocabulary set, which you have either downloaded for free or created yourself, and open it. Once it is opened, you can review the words in the stack.

You can turn on the automatic progression. This will cause the stack to automatically run through the cards at the pace you set, so that you do not have to continually click to hear the file, view the English equivalent, or switch to the next card.

This allows you to start the vocabulary set and just watch it progress. You can do another task while paying attention to the vocabulary set, which helps you easily fit Declan's Korean Flashcards into your schedule and learn faster.

When it is on automatic progression, there is a delayed flash. You can set how long the timer runs before it plays the word through your speakers, shows you the English meaning, and changes to the next card.

The delayed flash gives you time to think of the English meaning of the word before it tells you the answer. This helps the word become implanted in your brain, improving your retention of the word so that you will remember it easier. Since you no longer have to go back and re-learn words every week, you can move on to newer vocabulary, increasing your vocabulary.

"What Kinds Of Quizzes Are There?"

After you review the cards in the learning list or vocabulary set, you can take many different kinds of quizzes over the words. You are quizzed on listening, writing, matching, and reading until you know the words.

The varied quizzes allow you to fully learn a word. When you learn a word, you LEARN a word!

You will remember the words and can focus on expanding your vocabulary instead of reviewing older words, so you will learn more vocabulary faster.

If you do not wish to configure your computer to type in Korean for the writing (typing) portion of the quizzes, there is a 'Korean input box' you can use. You won't have to configure your computer at all if you choose not to, so it can save you from frustration and will have a smaller learning curve.

You can enjoy the program right from the moment you download it!

While you do not have to configure your computer to type Hangul, I do recommend it. It will be much easier and faster.

Setting up your computer to type Hangul is incredibly easy and free. Just follow these simple instructions.

After The Purchase

Declan's Korean Flashcards comes with free lifetime upgrades. You can upgrade the software every time a new edition is released for FREE. You no longer have to purchase additional software Declan's Flashcards will cover all your needs to learn Korean vocabulary.

Your money is better spent elsewhere, so why spend it to upgrade software you have already purchased?

Free email support is provided as well. Whenever you have a problem, help is just a short email away! You can send an email, work on something else for a while, and come back with an answer waiting in your inbox.

Your time is important; don't waste hours of it trying to figure something out. Just let us.

You can spend more time with your family and friends while getting additional help with the software.

Declan's Korean Flashcards takes up almost zero space on your computer. The file size is so small you will hardly even notice it is there. This helps you save room on your computer for other software.

You can enjoy all the benefits of the program while having plenty of room left for other important things on your computer.

Start Learning Now!

There is no shipping required for you to enjoy the benefits of Declan's Korean Flashcards. The file is downloaded directly to your computer when you purchase it. This lets you save money and allows you to use the flashcards almost immediately.

Best of all, Declan's Korean Flashcards only costs $34.00. We want everyone to have the opportunity to use this excellent program, so it costs less than half the cost of less-effective software and is cheaper than your standard Korean textbooks as well.

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