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Korean Words - Vocabulary E-Zine

For those of you who really wish to learn Korean, you need to learn more Korean words. The grammar lessons teach a few basic words, but they will not give you an understanding of Korean necessary to communicate effectively in Korean.

This vocabulary e-zine will teach you words gradually. When you choose to opt-in, you will receive one email each week with the words you should learn. Other sites provide lists of vocabulary, but do you ever actually learn all those words?

Chances are you hope to, but never do ;-)

This e-zine will keep you learning gradually. Each week, just learn the words given, that's all. It will be the perfect supplement to the online grammar.

It will start with basic korean words, and each week it will gradually build upon those.

I will keep back issues of the emails for those of you who haven't subscribed to the e-zine for the first email. You can freely go back and study the older lists, if you wish. A back issues link is provided at the bottom of each e-zine.

To subscribe, just enter your email address below. I promise the only email you will receive will be from Learn Korean Language. You may unsubscribe at any time via a link in the email.

Be sure to whitelist mail from learnkoreanlanguage.com (under your email options) to be sure you receive all email. If you subscribe and are not receiving any email from learnkoreanlanguage.com, please contact me using the contact form. Thank you.

Let's get started learning more words now :-) Just fill out the form below.

NOTIFICATION: The ezine is currently unavailable. Please check back soon for more updates.

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