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View And Type Hangul

The first thing to do is to set up your computer to view Hangul, the Korean alphabet.

View Hangul

If your operating system is not listed, do not worry. There are only two cases: those that have the files pre-installed, and those that do not. Generally, the newer operating systems will have them installed, while older ones will not. If you are unsure, I recommend following the instructions for Windows XP. If this does not work, follow the other set of instructions. One of the two will get you set up and running :)

Oh, and be sure to check out the following two links if they sound interesting!

Microsoft Instructions Including Images of Each Step
Different Korean Font Downloads - Spice Up Your Text

Type Hangul

Windows XP
Windows 95, 98, 2000

Windows XP

Once you have set-up your computer to view Hangul, you need to do one more thing in order to type Hangul. It should take approximately 2 minutes.
1)Go to Start - Control Panel
2)Open Regional And Language Options (May be found inside the Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options tab)
3)Go to the tab at the top that says Languages
4)Make sure the box for Install files for East Asian Languages near the bottom is checked
5)Select 'Details' under 'Text Services and Input Languages'
6)Click 'Add' on the right-hand side
7)Select Korean for 'Input Languages' and click 'Ok'
8)Select 'Apply at the bottom, and then click 'Ok'. You may be asked to restart.

Your computer is now set up to type in Korean. In order to actually type Korean, click the little blue button on the taskbar that says EN. Select KO. The options to the right should change. There should be an A. Click that once, and it will change to a Korean character. Type :)

Windows 95, 98, 2000

Your computer will need to download an additional file from microsoft in order to type Korean. It is not a virus and will not cause any problems for your computer. It is directly from Microsoft.

Click here to be taken directly to Microsoft download page

1)Follow the instructions Microsoft offers to download the file from the link above. Be sure to select Korean with Language Pack from the list.
2) Once restarted, you can go to Start - Programs and there will be a new icon for Microsoft Global IME. In it there is a brief help file you can read over.
3) When you have something open that you can write Korean in (such as a browser, word document, etc). There should be a little icon that says EN in the very bottom right of your screen in the taskbar. If you click it, you can select Korean (KO). Once selected, a new small box will pop up nearby.
4) Click the letter A in the new box once, and it should change to Korean characters. Now you can type Korean. Simply click it again to change it back to the roman alphabet, or switch the original box back to english. You're all set!

Now in order to understand what you are reading or typing...that's another story! Check out Hangul for Beginners for a free look at Hangul, or for a full, solid course try Declan's ReadWrite Korean.

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