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Rosetta Stone Language Software

Do you REALLY know the facts about Rosetta Stone Korean Level 1?

You may have heard about the award-winning language programs Rosetta Stone has to offer, but do you really know about the courses?

I recommend you take a few moments to read this review of Rosetta Stone Korean Level I before you come to any decisions on whether to purchase or to not purchase the course.

Why not understand the product better before you decide to make that purchase?

I have personally experienced the Rosetta Stone software, and I would love for you to listen in on what I have to say for a few moments. :-)

I will state my thoughts on Rosetta Stone upfront. I highly recommend the Rosetta Stone Korean Level 1 course to anyone wishing to learn Korean so that they can use it in the real world.

Read on to learn why.

"I Have Trouble Speaking Fluently In A Foreign Language"

We hear this all too often...

Many people spend hundreds of hours studying a language, but never get to the point where they can actually use what they have learned in the real world. They learn how to conjugate verbs and construct sentences. They learn long lists of vocabulary words, yet when put in a situation where they need to use it, they cannot carry on a decent conversation with someone in that language.


They don't have the necessary practice. Now, the best solution would be to be dropped off in a foreign country and be forced to learn the language. We could certainly learn the language that way!

Unfortunately, that is not an option for many of us. We may not even be surrounded by speakers of the language as we learn it. This is where Rosetta Stone comes in...

Rosetta Stone Korean Level 1 has...

  • 250+ hours of material. Enough to get anyone a solid foundation in a language--but only if the hours are spent well, which leads me to the next point...

  • Material only in Korean. There is no English instruction, but this can be quite helpful. More on this later on.

  • Over 3500 real-life images to teach you Korean and introduce you to the culture.

  • Lessons include all aspects of the language....Reading, Writing (well, typing), Listening, and Speaking.

  • Everything is taught naturally.

What makes Rosetta Stone software so unique and so successful is that natural approach to teaching the language. As a child learning your native language, did you study sentence structures, practice conjugating verbs, and study vocabulary lists? I highly doubt it! Yet for some reason, within a very short time-frame, you were carrying on conversations and couldn't stop showing everyone how well you could speak!

This is because you learned the language naturally. Words were introduced to you gradually. You would associate the word with a visual of the word (for example, food. Anytime you saw food, you associated it with the word 'food'.)

"How Does Rosetta Stone Teach Korean?"

Rosetta Stone uses pictures to teach the language. It does not use vocabulary lists, nor does it use verb conjugation drills. It merely teaches you the language as if you were learning your first language. You will see images of things, or of situations, people doing things, and you will learn to recognize that item or situation and associate it with the proper word or phrase. No lists or drills involved.

Sound a little confusing? Here.

Image of Rosetta Stone lesson 1 pictures.

As you can see, there are four pictures. Each picture has a word, phrase, or sentence over it. Each picture also has audio attached to it that will say the phrase.

Of course, you can hide the text, you can turn off the audio, you can hide the picture even and just listen or read and figure out what is happening.

"It will allow you to learn in the best way that YOU can learn"

The course has 92 Lessons. Each lesson will consist of 10 pages - each contain four pictures with text and audio.

There are also four options in each lesson, shown on the left of the following picture.

  • Listening and Reading

  • Listening

  • Reading

  • Speaking

Image of Rosetta Stone main screen for lesson 1.

First, you preview the pictures, learn the words, how they are pronounced, etc. Then, you can go into exercise mode for that lesson. Each section (listed above) contains different exercises associated with that section. You choose what YOU need to work on.

When you feel you are ready, you can test yourself, using any of the exercises. You will get graded and all your information will be stored under your name you set up when you start Rosetta Stone.

When you score well enough on exercises in that lesson, you move on to the next lesson.

As you progress through the lessons, they will become more difficult, gradually introducing more words to you. You will become more familiar with the language and grammar structures, all without studying it! You will naturally learn the language.

But nothing is perfect....

Rosetta Stone Korean Level 1 does have some minor flaws.

  • First off, when you begin you may feel like you will never learn the language this way. It is a very different method of presenting material. You will feel completely lost and feel like it was a waste of time and money. Do not lose hope though. It does take some time to get used to, but the payoff is well worth it. The first few lessons are the hardest.

  • It does not teach you Hangul. This again can be frustrating. You look at the text, and all your eyes will see is foreign scribbles and lines. To speed up the learning process, I think you should just briefly study Hangul from a free website - such as this one ;-) - or with ReadWrite Korean. This makes a perfect match to Rosetta Stone.

  • The formal style of speech is used, and other styles are not covered. However, once you get down a strong foundation in the language using this formal style, it will be very easy to switch to other styles of speech.

  • ...lastly, it isn't cheap. It carries a heavy price. There are certainly cheaper ways to go. However, this program will lead you to mastering the language. How much is it worth to you to be fluent in a second or third language?

"Will I Benefit From Rosetta Stone Korean?"

Well, that is entirely up to you. It isn't for people who...

  • Give up easily at the beginning--Rosetta Stone is frustrating at first. It takes time to get used to.

  • Notice the tiny imperfections in the program and feel the program as a whole is useless because of them.

  • Wish to learn a quick phrase or a few vocabulary words.

  • Are not going to be dedicated to learning a language. It will take discipline and will not teach you the language in a week.

But, for those of you who...

  • Wish to learn a language extremely well, to the point you can use it and have daily conversation in it if you like...

  • Understand that learning a language does not come overnight, and will spend the necessary hours to learn it (much quicker and much more efficient than other products!)

  • Are willing to get used to the structure in exchange for long-term benefits that take your language skills well above others...

  • Feel like you would like to learn all aspects of the language properly...reading, writing, listening, and speaking...

  • And understand that with a little extra help from other sources along the way (free ones count!), that YOUR language skills can dramatically improve...

Then Rosetta Stone Korean Level 1 is for you!

I have tried all Korean products I have come across. I have used many textbooks, old and new. I have used any programs I have come across. I have tried audio courses. Out of all of them, I find Rosetta Stone to be the best way to learn Korean. The amount of knowledge gained from Rosetta Stone is far more than any other source. Well worth it :-)

"Help Me To Be Fluent In Korean!"

As you have learned, Rosetta Stone is a program that can take your Korean above and beyond that of the average learner.

Unfortunately, Rosetta Stone keeps realizing that the product they sell is far more valuable than they ask for. They raise the prices of the software when they make such a realization.

Beat the increase in price, and visit the Rosetta Stone website and order now!

One year from now, as you sit down with a group of Korean friends or clients and have a lovely conversation, you will be glad you did.

You can do so by clicking the logo on the top of this page, the big image of the program below, or by clicking here

If you procrastinate, you may never become the Korean speaker you have always dreamed of becoming.

There is only one thing that separates those who are successful from those who are not.

"Successful people simply take action."

From Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone Korean Level 1

Rosetta Stone Korean Level 1

With over 3500 real-life images and phrases in 92 lessons, Korean Level 1, Personal Edition provides up to 250 hours of mastery instruction in Listening Comprehension, Reading, Speaking, and Writing. Systematic structure teaches vocabulary and grammar naturally, without lists and drills. Previews, exercises and tests accompany every lesson with automated tutorials throughout the program. Level 1, Personal Edition provides instruction in such categories as People and Talking; Directions; Food, Eating and Drinking; Family Relationships; Telling Time; Numbers to One Hundred; Clothing and Dress; Vehicles, Furniture and Instruments; Shapes, Colors and Location; And Much More. Korean Level 1, Personal Edition comes complete with an illustrated User's Guide and a Curriculum Text book.

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