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Taekwondo Training Tips

Always stretch to increase flexibility!
Taekwondo Training Tips offers a few things you need to focus on during training, and with that said... Legs. That is where it is at. The majority of your training should be focused on your legs in taekwondo. Legs aren't everything in taekwondo, but they sure are important.

One big thing that you should focus on is flexibility in the legs. Be sure to do some kind of stretching for your legs every day.

Always stretch to increase flexibility!
When you are going to train, be sure you loosen up your legs first, lowering the chance of injury. When you throw kicks, don't try to throw them high at first. If you are just starting, kick at a height that feels natural. Then raise it a little. From there, gradually kick higher and higher each time you practice.

You will want to try to loosen your hips, quads, hip flexors, and hamstrings when you practice. These are all very important in your kicks.

Besides flexibility in your legs, you should focus on kicking power as well. This is mainly done by kicking a bag.

You will also learn some forms in Taekwondo. The best advice given on practicing these forms is to get a good instructor. Nothing can substitute a good instructor. If this is not possible however and you practice on your own, you can find video clips online of the various forms. Do a search and you should find them for the form you need. Watch it over a few times and that should help.

For sparring, there are many sparring videos available online. Watch these of tournaments. Just watching can help a lot in your own sparring.

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