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How To View Hangul For Free!

Do the characters below match? If not, then you need to setup your browser to view Hangul correctly. Different fonts are ok, as long as the two characters are similar and represent the same character of course.

If you cannot view Hangul, the Korean alphabet, then this is where you will find information on how to set your computer up properly to be able to both read and write in Hangul. Best of all, you don't have to purchase any software to do it. It is all free !

There are a few different steps you may have to take depending on what you have on your computer now.

*You may be asked to install a file directly from Microsoft. It is not a virus and will not affect your computer in any way other than giving it the ability to view Hangul.

Setup Computer To View Hangul Only

Setup Computer To Both View And Type Hangul

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