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Lesson Nine is the third lesson on vocabulary. The focus is on clothes for this lesson. After the vocabulary lists, there will be a brief reading, followed by practice exercises.

The following lesson will be a grammar lesson on adjectives and colors. This will be done based on this set of vocabulary (plus the adjectives and colors). You will then be able to describe your clothing in more detail.


Korean English
셔츠 Shirt
와이셔츠 White Dress Shirt
바지 Pants
반바지 Shorts
청바지 Jeans
신발 Shoes
구두 Dress Shoes
운동화 Sneakers
양말 Socks
치마 Skirt
코트 Coat
재킷 Jacket
모자 Hat
안경 Glasses
반지 Ring
귀걸이 Earrings
목걸리 Necklace
장갑 Gloves
원피스 Dress
양복 Suit
넥타이 Necktie
파자마 Pajamas
브라 Bra
팬티 Underwear(Male and Female)
티셔츠 Teeshirt
한복 Hanbok, Traditional Clothing

You may have noticed many of these terms are taken from the English language. Just makes it easier to remember :)

Clothes Verbs

One thing you will notice is there are several verbs for wear, depending on where the object is. General clothing (shirt, pants) will use 입다. Shoes and socks will use 신다. Hat, glasses, stuff on the head will use 쓰다. Stuff on the hands like rings and gloves will use 끼다. 벗다 is used to mean take off, and is used for any of the objects, no matter where it is.

Korean Polite Style English
입다 입어요 To Wear (Body)
신다 신어요 TO Wear (footwear)
쓰다 써요 To Wear (headwear)
끼다 껴요 To Wear (Hands)
벗다 벗어요 To Take Off (anything)

To say you are currently wearing something, I recommend using the phrase ~고 있어요. As you learned in Lesson Eight, this means 'currently taking place' action. 입고 있어요 would mean currently wearing clothes.

치마 입고 있어요 - I am wearing a skirt.
셔츠 입고 있어요 - I am wearing a shirt.
반기 끼고 있어요 - I am wearing a ring.

If you use 입어요 instead of 입고 있어요, the sentence usually in the following way.

치마 입어요 - I wear skirts (in general).
셔츠 입어요 - I wear shirts (in general).
반지 껴요 - I wear rings (in general).

Clothes Practice

치마를 입고 있어요.
청바지하고 셔츠를 입고 있어요.
두 반지를 끼고 있어요.
세 반지를 끼었어요.
네 반지를 끼고 있었어요.
반지를 끼고 있어요.
신발을 신고 있어요.
반바지를 입고 있어요. 그리고 운동화를 신고 있어요.
안경을 쓰고 있어요.
장갑을 안 끼고 있어요.
어제 치마를 입고 있었어요.
오늘 청바지를 안 입고 있어요. 치마를 입고 있어요.

I am wearing a hat.
I am not wearing a hat.
I was not wearing glasses.
I intend to wear a skirt tommorrow.
I probably will wear my glasses tommorrow.
I intend to undress.
I used to wear three rings.
I did not used to wear four rings.
I'm not wearing jeans. I am wearing shorts.
I am wearing sneakers.

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