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What is a Premium Membership?

So you're here and looking to learn Korean. The majority of this site is dedicated to providing free online Korean lessons and provide information about Korean culture.

The free lessons are a wonderful way to begin learning Korean, but they can only take you so far as only so much time and money can be put into them. For that reason, we do offer premium lessons at learn-korean-now.com, our sister site.

The premium lessons are taught in the same format as the free lessons, although they are more detailed, provide more examples, and there are simply more of them. Furthermore, all Korean in the lessons has audio, so you can learn to pronounce words correctly, develop your accent, and sound more like a native. You also get listening practice this way.

Finally, there are interactive quizzes built into the lessons so that you can test your knowledge online and see if you have really learned what you've been studying.

Because of the added work and costs for developing the premium lessons, we do charge for those lessons. We try to keep prices low so that anyone and everyone can afford them, and revenue is turned around and put back into the site to develop more lessons and get more audio files.

So for some of you, the free lessons provide everything that you want and need. If so, great! For those of you interested in truly developing your Korean even further, then feel free to at least look into the premium lessons.

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Already a premium member and just looking for the lessons? Then head on over to The Membership Site, log in, and head into whichever lessons you are looking for.

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