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The System

When learning Korean, keep these few things in mind. Everyone has to have some kind of system, and here is mine.

1.If I have (~korean verb/word/etc) in parenthesis, like (~업다), that is how it is pronounced. This will apply to any word or verb or anything in Korean that the pronunciation just isn't normal.
Every now and then you will find a word that isn't pronounced exactly as you read it. When I introduce a word for the first few times and the proper pronunciation is hard to get just by reading the word, I will have the pronunciation in parenthesis as given.

2.Throughout the lessons, I will provide what I will call your "homework." Truth is, you are probably doing all of this at home. When I say homework, this is what I really want you to study and look at. There will be a link to a second page which will contain the information. Please, if possible, print it, study it. Don't sit in front of the computer the whole time because you will get bored. If you read what is on the website so that you understand it, and then study the homework pages, you will learn the language the fastest way possible and be very good at it.

3.Do not try to learn every word you come across. Memorize what is on the homework pages. The rest you read is strictly for teaching you the grammar. If you wish to focus strongly on vocabulary, Declan's Korean Flashcards is a very good way of building vocabulary.

4.Finally, just have fun with it. If you push learning, you won't learn. If you learn when you want, how you want, at your own level, you will learn it much better. With the homework pages I will provide what I consider a nice, yet easy amount to learn in a day. If the pace is too fast or too slow, adjust it to fit your own needs. But don't make learning Korean a job, even if it is. If you long to learn, you will.

Follow this and you will be successful. I promise!

PS: All pictures on this site should have a brief description if you hold your mouse pointer over them for a second or two. It should pop up. Keep this in mind for additional details!

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